Coalition of the Peaks: Outcomes and Performance Framework for the Closing the Gap

The Coalition of Peaks represents around 40 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and provides a collective voice on key issues. Akaltye was engaged by the Coalition of the Peaks to support development of a key position paper to guide their collaboration with the Commonwealth of Australian Governments (COAG) and reach agreement on the future targets for Closing the Gap. This important work was led by Dr Kevin Dolman, a proud Eastern Arrernte man, and Ms Sarah Warne, each bringing extensive expertise in Indigenous community development and stakeholder engagement. The project involved consultation with a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled and representative organisations and working closely with the Coalition of the Peaks Secretariat to develop a consensus position on the future of Closing the Gap. Akaltye is privileged to have been involved with development of this position paper and looks forward to improved engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the future of Indigenous social and economic development in Australia.

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